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Know your audience, get your music heard.

Why subscribe?

To launch new tracks and promote them. Upload your main tracks in 2 minutes, you'll get feedbacks and new listeners will be able to discover your songs. Your project will make progress and you won't waste your time.

How does it work?

Each track you upload will be broadcast in the app for a period of one month. Several listeners who listen to your kind of music will be asked how they like it. Depending on their feedback, your tracks will be featured in the app  playlists.

Limited Launch Offer

Free song upload

Broadcast period extended to 45 days

All artists can join!

ClapCharts is for all artists, amateurs and professionals.

There are two conditions to upload a track :

  • The service is currently available for genres* #Electronic #HipHop #Pop #Rock #Folk
  • All tracks must be distributed online, i.e. available for sale and/or streaming.
* Other genres will be added soon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned.

How to distribute my music?

It is very easy to distribute your music online, you should do it so that all listeners can access your music. There are many distributors, each with specific fee and royalty payment conditions.

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Distribute your album through TuneCore and get 25% off your first year fee.

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See how are
your tracks doing

During the broadcast period, you don't need to do anything. Several listeners will be asked how they like your track and, depending on their feedbacks, your song will be featured in the app playlists, allowing new listeners to discover your currentSong.

You can log on to the website at any time to check your tracks activity.

* Playlists are based on listeners' opinions only. They feature the top 20 tracks matching the genre selection at the moment they are generated.


#Electronic #HipHop #Pop #Rock #Folk

Free song upload, 45-day broadcast period*.

*This is a limited launch offer, registrations are free for up to two broadcast tracks per artist.