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Have you released music recently?
ClapCharts is the next step.

  • Boost your visibility
  • Get your music discovered
  • Develop your audience
Upload a track in 2 minutes
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We relay the songs that get the most attention on ClapCharts to dozens of players in the music industry.

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Who can subscribe?

The service is available to all artists.

Uploaded tracks must be distributed online, i.e. available on digital stores & streaming platforms.
See How to distribute my music?

Subscriptions are currently open to pop, rock, folk, hip hop and electronic music genres.
Other genres will be added soon, follow us on Facebook to stay tuned.

How does it work?

  • Upload your track in 2 minutes.

  • During 31 days, dozens of listeners that listen to your kind of music will be asked to review it.

  • See how your track is doing in real time.

ClapCharts is based on listener reviews and engagement only. You will get objective feedback on your music and the more our listeners enjoy your music, the higher it will rise in the app playlists.

Your music is not simply available, it is visible.

We present your music to listeners and professionals looking for new music in your genre.

With our relays to pros and influencers, your music is introduced to strategic players in the music industry and influent media, you can reach thousands of listeners.

And since our recommendations have already been validated by listeners, they will get special attention.

Professionals & Influencers relays

Record labels
& Publishers
PR & Media

An increasing visibility

The more listeners enjoy your music, the larger the audience you will reach.


Depending on our listeners feedback, your tracks will be ranked in the app playlists.


Each day, tracks that surface in the playlists are posted on Facebook.
100 - 2K listeners
Varies depending on the track ranking.
~300 people reached
Average post reach on our facebook page.


Each month, a selection of tracks that stood out are sent to our listeners.

Pros &

Each month, a selection of tracks that stood out are sent to pros and influencers.
All our listeners
Our database contains thousands of listeners.
Pros & influencers
Strategic visibility and thousands of potential listeners.
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Real time monitoring

Once uploaded, your song will make progress depending on listeners feedback, no action is required on your part.

You can log on to the website at any time to check your tracks activity.

  • clapcharts requirement 1 Charts ranking
  • clapcharts requirement 2 Streams, favorites, shares and link visit statistics
  • clapcharts requirement 3 Streams per day
  • clapcharts requirement 4 Detailed listeners reviews
  • clapcharts requirement 5 Engaged audience profiles


We have plans for each need. No hidden costs.


49$ / track

  • clacharts offer 1

    Listener reviews

  • clacharts offer 2

    31-day airtime

  • clacharts offer 3

    Charts & Statistics dashboard

  • clacharts offer 4

    Listeners & Pros visibility


Available soon

  • Standard, plus...
  • clapcharts requirement 1

    150 listener reviews

  • clapcharts requirement 2

    40-day airtime

  • clapcharts requirement 3

    Listeners reactions

  • clapcharts requirement 4

    Audience & market analysis

  • clapcharts requirement 5

    Prelaunch traction test

Why do artists and labels use ClapCharts?
Listeners part

The involvement of our listeners allows you to get objective feedback on your song's potential.

Audience profiles

You will know the profile of listeners who enjoy your music.


ClapCharts connects you with thousands of listeners and accelerates your project.

Affordable fee

You save hundreds of euros in comparison to PR and ads, for better results.

Ease of use

It takes 2 minutes to subscribe and then no action is required on your part.


You keep all your rights. ClapCharts is just an intermediary to connect you with new listeners and pros.

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQ

Ready to launch your music?