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  • Why upload a track to ClapCharts?

    ClapCharts allows you to easily promote your music and get feedback from listeners without wasting time and energy. If listeners like your songs, they will be featured in the app playlists and a large audience will be able to discover your music. If the overall feedback is not good enough, you will at least have got a feedback. Either way, it’s an experience that will allow you to take your project further.

  • Are there conditions to upload a track?

    All artists can sign up. The only condition to upload a track is that it must be distributed online, which means that your song must be available for sale and/or streaming (See next question : How to distribute my music online?). This condition is to make sure that listeners who like your music can keep listening to it when the broadcast ends on ClapCharts.

  • How to distribute my music online (iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, etc.)?

    If you want to build up your project, this step is essential. You don’t need a record deal to license and distribute your music online. These services allow you to do it easily. Each of them have specific fee and royalty payment conditions :

    We have a partnership with TuneCore. Distribute your album through TuneCore and get 25% off your first year fee. Get deal

  • How is my music assessed?

    It takes place in the ClapCharts application where listeners will be asked how they like your currentSong. In order to make this meaningful, listeners are asked only for songs that match their music taste, several listeners give feedback, and these listeners are randomly picked (they don’t choose which track they rate).

  • What criteria matters in the charts ranking?

    Rankings are based on listeners' opinions only. They feature the top 20 tracks matching the genre selection at the moment they are generated.

  • What is the price?

    Signing up on the mobile application is free, and creating an artist account on the website is free as well. For the app launch, registrations are free for up to two broadcast tracks per artist. If 2 tracks or more are already being broadcast, you can upload a new track for 5€ or wait for your currently broadcast tracks to expire before you can upload new tracks for free.

  • I cannot find my music genre.

    Registrations are open only for genres listed in the form to upload a track. Other genres will be added progressively, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned.

  • Suggested tags in the form to upload a track don’t suit my music.

    These tags are common adjectives used by listeners to describe what they like in music, what they want to listen to, but all suggestions are welcome to help us improve the list. Send us an email at and we will add it if it is relevant!

  • Is it possible to upload a cover?

    If it is a cover with no modification, you don’t need authorizations but you must credit authors and composers of the original song in the title. However, if the song has been altered, you must get authorizations from authors and composers so that, in case of dispute, you can give us a written record of the agreement.